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Contractors Insurance in Fort Myers

Contractors Insurance Agency Fort Myers

Here at Bassine insurance company we supply contractor’s insurance in Fort Myers. These policies cover everything from damaged equipment to personal injury. Many different things can go wrong when you are a contractor.

That’s why you need good contractors insurance agency in Fort Myers which gives you coverage to keep your business up and running.


There are a few advantages that separate our policies from the competition. First off, we can expand and adapt our products as your business needs grow. Our claims team is dedicated to making sure your business is back up and running as quickly as possible after an incident.

We are a member of the State Insurance Group. That means we’ve partnered with some of the most respected names in the industry. The contractor’s insurance we offer covers a variety of different sectors.

Professional contractors are always careful, but accidents do happen. There’s always a larger risk on construction sites. Protecting your day-to-day business means having the right kind of general liability insurance that is specifically designed for this industry.

This provides protection from property damage, injury and bodily harm. General contractors are always managing different processes , people and tasks at the same time. With the right contractor’s insurance in Fort Myers you’ll have the complete coverage to keep your business safe.

The policies that we offer are ideal for building contractors who look after institutional, residential and commercial projects. We have clients who specialize in renovations, additions and new construction.

Why Bassine Insurance Broker Services Are Favored By Trade Contractors

Trade contractors bring specific skills to any project. That means they are facing a different set of risks. We offer a set of policies that deal with building contractors who work in areas like concrete installation and interior finishing.

Size of Your Business

These policies are customized to suit your specific trade and the size of your business. Some of the other areas that we cover for you include a contractor’s equipment floater and error and omissions section.

Bassine Insurance Agency offers a variety of different coverages for contractors. We partner with respected and credible insurance carriers. The policies that we offer through these relationships provide peace of mind for our clients. Call our contractors insurance agency today as we know that each individual and company has different insurance needs.

Let us help you find the right protection and coverage. We specialize in getting you affordable contractors insurance in Fort Myers that protects your business.